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As you may have noticed from our current test batches. We at Bad Bunny love de movies. Infact I’ve spent most of my life trying to make a good one.

 So it was only natural that a lot of the beer recipes start out as some reference to movies. Especially 80s and 90s.

So for the sheer fun of it. Here are my favourite movies of all time.
10. The Exorcist 

Beautifully shot, scored and cut. Still shit scary. Horror filmmaking at its most serious and real. Chilling,

9. The Evil Dead

Feels Filthy, grimy and dangerous. A relentless Assult on the senses. The gore is fun and Bruce Campbell is a legend. Felt proper forbidden when it was banned on vhs in the 80s. True gem.

8. Jurassic Park 

Had to cue at the cinema for an hour to see this as a kid. It was magical, beautiful, funny, scary. It’s now pure nostalgia. The last great Amblin movie before the rise of budgets and CGI. 

7. The Wicker Man

Macabre,surreal,creepy and darkly funnny. Christopher Lee’s best performance. Awsome soundtrack. Iconic ending. Nuff said.

6. Blues Brothers 

So re watchable and quotable. No film like it since. Great cars, dialogue,music and characters. My go to feel good flick. 

5. Blow out 

Brian de Palma at his cinematic best. Great conspiracy plot. Sleazy John lithgow. Cool Travolta. Inspired camera work. Pure cinema.

4. From dusk till dawn

Ultimate geek film. Clooney is cool as a cucumber. Tarantino’s script is quotable, nippy and outright batshit in the second half. Robert Rodriguez’s most fun ride. Great midnight movie after a lot of beer.

3. Pulp fiction

It’s 3 films for the price of one. Endlessly quotable dialogue and iconic scenes. It’s still as fresh, funny and shocking as it was 20 years ago.

2. Empire strikes back

Still the best Star Wars. Dark, funny, romantic,shocking,uplifting. Looks georgeous on Blu Ray. Proper. Classic.

1. Aliens 

Masterful writing and structure. It’s pure action war movie with drops of horror thrown in for good measure. The ending is still fresh and exighting 30 years on. Shame about the sequels.

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