The adventure begins…

After ten years of, rain, cold, low budgets, zombies, useless musicians, bankrupt business’s, precious actors, narcacists ,corporate whores, bridezilla’s and pretentious artists, I decided that perhaps video production and film making just isn’t for me.

It didn’t work out. So onto plan B. BEER.

I’ve always been fascinated by alcohol, even as a young boy when my dad would let me sip from the cap of Pussers rum on his return from being at sea in the Navy.

Booze was always an adventure to me. It was forbidden. Rebellious. Dangerous. Above all the hype. It can be dammed tasty. Especially beer.

My realationship with beer started like most people in England. Cheap weak lager at college and then even cheaper lager at university. In the late 90s lager was the coolest thing going thanks to expensive adverts that somehow reversed what was once a woman’s beer alternative in the 80s to the ultimate symbol of lad culture.

I drank, I smoked, I swaggered, I puked up everywhere I went. Somehow I graduated to the end of my Film and media course alive!

Over the following years my video career took me all over America and Europe where I fell in love with bar culture in general.

England may now be a beer haven, but it is also littered with soulless chains and franchise’s that I never even liked when I was younger. So boring.

In Europe, especially Eastern Europe, bars are adventurous, unique and packed with passion, owned by mavericks and individuals and not corporate giants. 

There’s nothing more exighting than discovering some back street pub and then drinking gems I’ve never heard off. 

Chances are the people there will of be of interest too, and not the usual lager swilling fruit machine bore that we all know and hate.

These trips away planted the love of beer, but it was a trip to Brugge and Aberdeen in the same year that secured the passion for how good beer can be, and started my journey to brewing.

Summer of 2013 I went on a Euro trip with my wife and another couple for 4 weeks covering France, Belgium, Neatherlands, Germany and Norway. 
Except we never quite made it to Norway thanks to a little backstreet pub in Bruges called ‘t Brugs Beertje. A humble wooden interior and quiet classical music is the backdrop to a beer Mecca.

Upon arrival you are presented with a book as thick as the bible filled with different beers to try. All averaging at around 8% in alcohol.

The concept of a different beer every time, and strong beer to be sipped was completely new. 

I was hooked. We spent hours and hours there, drinking, talking, and slowly getting Very very drunk. We made some lovely friends, but good god the beer was good.

For the first time I tried sour, lambic, fruity, dubbel, trippel and tappist.

We cut out half our euro trip so we could circle back and carry on drinking in this wonderful little pub. 

It was a nice holiday, but surely that would be end of the newly discovered beer journey. Well, not quite.

Later that year I was offered a Job interview in Aberdeen, Scotland. The job was as random as they come, making training videos for oil rig employees. 

It meant getting payed to jump in a helicopter and film every month out on the ocean. Sounded cool to me, so away I went.

The night before the interview, I googled what to do in Aberdeen, which as it turns out wasn’t much. 

I had heard of Brew Dog beer on an Oz Clarke tv shown shown on BBC earlier that year, so gave it a try as at the time their pub was only in Aberdeen.

Once there I instantly fell for its wooden industrial interior which is now everywhere and its cinema style menu for all the different beers. I had a few guest beers from America before trying their hardcore IPA which was so strong and potent and full of flavour that I was instantly taken back to Brugge.

Surfice to say, once I mentioned this cool little place called Brew Dog next morning  in the interview, they were not impressed. Turns out they were wine buffs. Unlucky. Bye bye career in Aberdeen and hello to the craft beer revolution.

I never looked back. 

After 3 years of home brewing, reading every book, studying every YouTube channel and going on the occasional course. I’m gonna start a brewery.

It’s a 40ft stable at the back of my house in Derby, along with a 300 litre capacity which I’ll brew 3 times a week. 

The beers will be big ,bold ,fresh  and ultimately drinkable and exighting.

It’s called Bad Bunny brewery and I can’t wait to get going.
Follow this blog for updates about the build, beer, events and whatever else might be happening. Fingers crossed we should be legal and ready to go by July . 

Keep on suppin







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