Bad Bunny Brewery is based in Derbyshire and was founded by husband and wife team Mike and Clare in september 2017.

Before the brewery started we both had day jobs but loved movies and beer. After many years working and travelling as a freelance film maker, We decided that Mike was more interested in the wonderful bars and beers he got to try whilst often working in Europe,than slugging cameras around so we decided to build a brewery with the help of wife Clare who still works along side the brewery as a mental health nurse in Derby. 

We built the brewery from the ground up in our own back garden with a 20 ft building made from breeze blocks which we then slowly filled with water supply, Electricity, brew vessels and equipment sourced from all over the UK. The build was cheap and debt free, but slow due to work commitments. Finally end of 2018 we have a fully working 300 litre brewery all signed off and ready to sell commercially. 

All our beers are inspired by movies. We did this simply because we couldn’t decide what beers to make and it turned into a fun way of deciding on recipes to be based on a connection to a film. We hope its a great conversation starter for the drinker too! 

All our beers are hand made. Small batch. Fresh. and fun. We hope you enjoy. 



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